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Crotch Walnut and Buck Eye Burl.

Handmade wooden Valet Box, box #46.


209-505-5988, sshatz64@gmail.com




17" wide x 11" deep x 7" high + 8".


This handmade wooden valet box is made with Buck Eye Burl and Crotch Walnut. All 3/4" thick and a lacquer finish sanded and buffed to a glass like finish. Buck Eye Burl, Aesculus californica, is one of the most interesting species there is. Beautiful burl and swirling grain patterns mixed with blue/grey, black & golden color contrast. A very rare and expensive wood indeed. All the natural cracks and voids have been carefully filled with a clear resin so all surface's are smooth. The Buckeye back panel can be removed having a precise fit as well as the drawer that almost looks undetectable but easy to operate.