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Highly Figured Myrtle Wood, Book-matched.

High Quality Wooden Box. #33



Outside, 16" x 10-1/2" x 6-1/2"

Inside, 14" x 9" x 5"

"You Tube" video of this box, "click here"

The Oregon Myrtle wood tree grows uncultivated, only in a small area along the Pacific Coast.
No large stands of this unique tree are to be found. Nearly all of the remaining Myrtle wood is scattered in small groves throughout the lower valleys along the rivers of Southwestern Oregon and the southern Pacific Coast. Centuries are required to grow a Myrtle wood tree large enough to yield board-lumber.
A time may come when the supply of highly figured Myrtle wood will be depleted and the manufacturing of the articles from this wood may cease. The highly-prized pieces of today will be handed down through generations, as heirlooms which will be preserved for us by our descendants. 12 coats of Acrylic lacquer, sanded, and buffed. Beautiful high quality wooden box with large Brusso quadrant hinges.
Received the box today. It is not only beautiful, but a fine piece of artwork. Thanks so much.

high quality wooden boxes
high quality wooden boxes
High Quality wood box
high quality Wooden Boxes.
High Quality Wooden Boxes.
High Quality Boxes.
High Quality Boxes.

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