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      Let's Build Something Beautiful out of Wood
        "You Design I'll Build"

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Handcrafted Keepsake Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Humidors, or anything special.

If you have something special in mind contact me with your idea and I shall respond with a quote.
Call Steve at 209-505-5988, or email me at sshatz64@gmail.com

Wood .......... Most exotic and domestic woods are available to me through the Internet,to include Burl, and Figured.
Size ............. You can specify any size to accommodate your needs and space.
Finish .......... You can specify your desired finish, Lacquer, Oil, shellac, french polish. Our Lacquer finishes are 12 coats sanded buffed.
Inlay .............We can do wood inlay with the use of a Laser. You can choose almost any wood as the inlay.
Engraving ... Something special can be engraved in the wood, outside/inside the lid, with the use of a laser.
Hardware ... You can order your choice of hinges, locks, handles. See "Hardware", tab.
Plaques......  You can order engraved brass plaque with something special mounted inside the lid.
Trays .......... You can order Trays, up to three, in any configuration. See "Jewelry box", tab.
The lead time for a custom order can be 30 to 45 days depending on the wood and other factors.
A 25% to 30% down payment is required to start, and payment in full before shipping.
We send you progress photos of the project on going, and final finished photos for your approval to insure your satisfaction.
We always ship 3 day priority anywhere in the USA, and 1-2 weeks outside the US.

If You are making a (DOWN PAYMENT) or paying the (BALANCE DUE), find your PayPal button below.


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Final payment, $950.00, for cherry wood keepsak box, Approx. outside Dim. 16" X 13" X 6".

Total price $1400.00, minus down payment $450.00.

Due at completion, $950.00 plus $40.00  shipping.

Cherry wood, two piece lid, brusso quadrant hinges, lacquar finish.

bevelled sides, and lid edge and bottom.

This is for Katherine, Final payment.


Down payment $600.00 for quilted maple keepsake box, handles, lock brusso quadrant hinges, ebony trim. Lacquar finish. Total price shall be determined after sellection of wood, but not to exceed $2000.00

This is for Don. 

Keeper of the brave keepsake box.

Designed and built per customers requirements.

This is for Karen M. 

Down Payment for 4 purple heart keepsake boxes.

See email for specifications from steve to bruce 10/14/18.

Total: 4 keepsake boxes, $800.00 each plus $40.00 shipping.

$3,200.00 minus $1100.00 down payment = $2100.00 plus shipping due at completion, December 15, 2018.

This is for Bruce P. 


Down payment keepsake box, $600.00, crotch walnut,

ebony trim, like box #93 design, to include

engraving, lock, Total, $1800.00 minus down payment

$600.00,  Total due at completion $1200.00.

Delivery est. 5/30/19 or before.

This is for Jason 

Final payment for walnut keepsake box.

Total $1800.00 minus $600.00 down payment,

Total due $1200.00 plus $40.00 shipping.

This is for Jason. 

Final payment for Myrtle wood keepsake box.

Total: $2370.00. plus $90.00 shippling.

Down payment $750.00.

A total of $16200.00 plus $90.00 shipping shall be due at completion Feburary 5, 2020, or before.


Myrtle wood keepsake box, all solid 3/4" thick with inside dim. 18"W X 15"D X 5"H.

Flush sides, Ebony trim (lid, bottom, both edges). latch, Lacquar finish 14 coats sanded buffed. Two piece lid. Brusso quadrant hinges.

This is for Peter D. 



Final payment for knife display box. Total, $1450.00, down payment $480.00, Balance $970.00 plus $40.00 shipping, due at completion.

Solid figured black walnut, 3/4" thick, black ebony trim lid and bottom, lock, brusso quadrant hinges,

lacquer finish. beveled glass top, knife support w/45 degree tilt,

felt bottom. Approx. dim. 13 x 8 x 5 outside.  

delivery 4-5-20 or before.

This is for Paul K. 


Full payment due for Keepsake Box #103, $1,360.00

Box #103, $1800.00, engraving (no charge), plus jewelry tray $60.00.

Total: $1,860.00 minus down payment $500.

Total due: $1,360.00 plus $40.00 shipping. 

This is for Andria. 


Custom box, approx. 13" x 8" x 5". primary wood, King wood, and african black wood trim on lid, box edge, and bottom base. Design per customer referencd photo. Two piece lid with skirt, and no metal hinges, but lid to fit secure and tight. shallac finish 14 coats sanded and buffed to musical instrument quality. Tray to be included per customer instruction. Dove tale sides, lid 1/4" over lap, and bottom 1/2" overlap, and box legs.

Total: 1,750.00 minus down payment $525.00

Balance due,  $1,225.00. plus $90.00 shipping.


This is for Ye